What if…?

What if the World Wide Web was shut down? Lets say for a month, what would the consequences be?  A bit of a doomsday scenario to talk about but in an effort to try understand how dependent America and other first world countries are on the internet I had a pretty in depth discussion with several of my friends about this and we all came up with the general conclusion that America would in fact be screwed.

The scenario we played out in our discussion was that for some reason, terrorist, accidental, environmental, ect, all of the DNS severs all over the world were knocked out halting internet traffic world wide.  No one knows when the connections will be fixed or even if they will come back online.  This is where the “fun” began, keep in mind we just said things that would happen, we did not speculate as to how they would be fixed or prevented.

Anyways the effects were split into the short term and the long term, with the results of the input of the short term seeming bleak while the long term rather eye opening.


-No communcation available minus government facilities that still use ARPANET

-Wide spread panic world wide (in a sense)

-National Security would be at risk

The reason as to why this list is so short is because my friends and I wondered if it would really have such a wide spread panic.  The worse thing that would probably happen is that due to the lack of communication around the world  there would be a domino effect which would lead to food shortages in regions that need food to be transported to them like Hawaii and other isolated areas.  The next problem would have to be the general public.  I know that I myself would probably got crazy after no internet for a while just because I have had it for the longest time, but that would not be a problem for a while.  Then finally the problem that a person see’s in every movie and that would have to be a threat to national security.  whether it be another country or some terrorist organization who knows what could happen.  In the long term the problems are one in the same, but keepin mind that the human race is known to be able to adapt to things so not everything will end up staying  negative.

This post is not meant to scare, rather it is meant to educate that presently we are slowly losing ourselves, our physical selves that we have to the digital.  People presently are becoming detached from the real and have begun to lose what it means to be “human” not having a second thought as to doing something heartless just because they have no face online and are considered anonymous it is slowly transferring into real life with people doing things without thinking of the consequences.

All in all if the internet shut down I think on a personal level it would be good, but on an international level it would be catastrophic due to economic faults and just the fact that our infrastructure relies on the internet so much.



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