Occupy What?

In the news and current media there have been a the series of protests called “Occupy” movements that have been taking place in cities all across America that are so called protesting the “fact” that 1% of america holds 99% of the wealth in America.  Spawning from depths of hell aka 4chan the idea was to peacefully protest this fact in hopes of changing it by listing demands that would change the wealth distribution on America.  But things did not go as planned.  The Occupy movement was hijacked by disgruntled hipsters with liberal arts degrees, the homeless and those with nothing else to do.  Of course there are the few who actually know what they want from this protest, but the majority are just there for the ride.

The Occupy movement has the power to overturn the wealth balance that is currently present in the United States but the movement itself has lost its original voice of equality.  From a voice of justice it has now become the voice of a 8 year old little girl who is constantly spoiled by her parents.  From demands for a greater tax on the wealthy it has turned to I want this for free and I want that because I deserve it.  From a having a positive opinion of it the public has quickly disregarded the movement because of it’s lack of vision as to what it wants to do for the people.

What needs to be done is that the entire thing should be reorganized.  Of course it should start small like in one city where the Occupy movement is prominent and where the people actually have a voice.  From there that city should communicate with all other “Occupy cities” and organize it on a national scale.  Then from there the goal of equalizing the wealth should be re-established and a well though out list of demands as to what should be done should be created and by using this should everything else go as planned.  The general public should back the movement and their goals should be met.  If you have trouble imagining this try to imagine what the founders of America did, and replace that with a bunch of people with Guy Fawkes masks.  It is seriously the same concept, which is to protest monetary injustice.

Of course this is all theoretically speaking because I myself really don’t care about the movement other than the fact that I think that it is been polluted by people who really have nothing to protest about.  And until they fix that part of the movement nothing will come from it.


Just a student

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