The Power of the Net

The internet is a place where hundreds of terabytes of data is stored and accessed everyday.  There is no real estimate as to how much data is actually stored on the web, but the different types of data that is stored is rather astounding. From small picture files to extensive programs that harness gigabytes of data exactly how does something become known on the web?

Well there is a word for becoming famous through the web, and that term is called going “viral”.  By going viral a the file, usually a video or a picture gets spread like a “virus” from person to person until millions of people have seen it.   Presently there have been many videos that have gone viral one of the most prominent being Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”.  I myself saw this video when it had a mere 20,000 views on youtube.  But before I knew it the video had a million views, then ten million. I stopped paying attention to it, then one of my friends posted on Facebook that it had topped a hundred million views on youtube and was had more views that some of the videos on youtube that had been on the site for years.

Original (re uploaded)

But the thing is that the song was not even good.  So why would people want to watch it?  Well some watched it to see what the hype was all about (me), others watched it just to watch it, and then most of the people who watched it just watched it so they could bash it for how bad the video and song actually was.  Who said going viral was a only a good thing right?  Youtube has a rating system that has two options, thumbs up for good and thumbs down for bad.  People hated the video so much that in the short time that the original video was up it beat out the previous most hated song which was Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.  In fact “Friday” got taken down from the site and was just re-uploaded two months ago due to the public’s reaction.

But did Rebecca Black get hurt from all this hate?  Other than her feelings, she came out the victor.  You see Youtube pays those with videos with 1 Million views or more and even more money to those who are consistent.  So with the 100 Million views that her video made, even with the company who produced it’s cut she was still balling.  Also because of her “infamy” shes been interviewed by news stations, her song has even been downloaded millions of times off of iTunes, there have been spin off’s of her song, and she has even landed a record deal.  Rebecca Black turned from a normal girl to a media sensation over night thanks to media sites like youtube, facebook and tumblr making it so there is not questioning the power of the web.



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