How to Deep Web?

Now that we have a background as to what the “Deep Web” is next is the question as to where do I begin?  Although I strongly reccomend that a person not do so, just the fact that you are taking the time to read this post suggests that you will probably try anyways.

But before you continue I will STRONGLY recommend against traversing the “Deep Web”. It is not recommended for those who do not know what they are doing, or have no single destination in mind. the illicit things that are on the Deep Web have the ability to scar a person mentally and physically for life if the “right” thing is found.

But if you are hell bent on going the steps are as follows:

1. Download and install the Firefox here 

2. Then download and Install the TOR bundle for Firefox here.

  • Keep in mind that although you are “Anonymous” with the TOR browser there are still ways that people can find you so I will repeat my self that do this at your own discretion.

3. Then open the Tor Browser and happy browsing.

Keep in mind that Tor is not 100% anonymous. Along with it, multiple proxies are needed, with a firewall and Antivirus as well.  Disconnecting or put tape over your webcam is suggested as well. After your fun time in the Deep Web the deletion of your  temporary internet files and full scan of your computer and the use ccleaner is suggested as well just because one can never be too safe when surfing the web.

Why Use TOR? Other than the fact that most of the information and data on the Deep Web illegal, people can also hack into your computer and steal your identity and even sometimes delete you from exisitance.  But who would do that?  I myself would not, but after traversing places like 4chan and various other forums I have come to the reason that people will just do things for the “lulz” like stated in class there are people who do things just because they can.  They do not need a good reason that justifies their action, rather they do things just because they can.

Hence my warning, there are incredible cruel people on the web as I have found out as I have seen this happen many a time on and when I myself went on the Deep Web, what I saw are things that I do not want to describe, the only thing I will say is that a picture is worth a thousand words…


Alternative theories

Other concepts and theories exist about the Deep Web. One of them is called the White Room. It was first mentioned on the diagram below, and apparently has something to do with another concept called the “Death Zone”.

Not sure if any of these are real, or if the last three levels on the deep web itself is reality but who knows what is out there on the web.



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