Rolling in the Deep… Web (Part 4)

Past the 5th level things get to the point where one must ask the question as to whether or not the things that I am about to talk about are real or not.  There are people on the web apparently who have gotten past the 5th level and gone beyond.  Because there are some terms and explainations from the Deep Web Wikia that most people will not understand I will go level by level this time to try paint a picture so that people can understand because it took me a while to figure this out too.

(The following levels are not proven to exist.)

Level 6 – ?

What this level contains is unknown. It is apparently an intermediary between the Marianas Web and the Levels 7 and 8. According to an Anon on the 4chan imageboard, leading hackers have found ways even beyond the 5th layer ; at this point, you start getting attention you don’t want; your life is in danger. Quantum computing is needed to get past the 6th layer.

To those who do not know what  Quantum Computing is, it is  computing that relies on quantum physics by taking advantage of certain quantum physics properties of atoms or nuclei that allow them to work together as quantum bits, or qubits, to be the computer’s processor and memory. By interacting with each other while being isolated from the external environment, qubits can perform certain calculations exponentially faster than conventional computers. The reason as to why Quantum computing is needed is because of the vast amount of information in these extreme lower depths of the net.  It is very confusing as to what is actually contained in this level because there is not actual proof that I have found, but I believe that quantum computing is required solely to navigate the massive amounts of data in this level.

Level 7 – The Fog/Virus Soup

This level is apparently where the “big players” are. It is pumped full of loads of code, to try to prevent people getting deeper. In this level, everyone is fighting to keep others out because of the value of the systems below.

The best way to describe Level 7 would but a war zone.  Where it is every man for themselves , where everyone who “made” it here is trying to get to the 8th level and preventing other people from getting there.

Level 8 – The Primarch System

Level 8 is impossible to access directly. The primarch system is what controls the Internet. No government or organization has control of it. Nobody even knows what it is. This system is an anomaly discovered in the 2000’s. It is unresponsive, but sends out unalterable commands to the entire net, randomly. The entire 7th Level is people trying to gain access to Level 8 and stopping others from getting there. Level 8 is thought to be separated by a “level 17 quantum t.r.001 level function lock”, which is virtually impossible for our computers to break.

It is highly speculated as to what is actually in the 8th level of the Deep Web, for it is known in a sense to be the “Final Boss” of the Internet just because people believe that the first person who manages to gain access to it will be able to take control of it.  Then when that happens that one person or group of people who have the power to “turn off” the internet will have most of the world in its grasp because the way things are presently, most of the world will not be able to function properly without an internet connection making it so they would have to do what they are told or run the risk of the plug being pulled from their country and being left vulnerable to the rest of the world.


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4 comments on “Rolling in the Deep… Web (Part 4)
  1. blargy blarginson says:

    Nice work man, would be interesting to see more stuff on the primarch system as I’ve seen that opening paragraph for level 8 floating around a few places but not really anything else.

  2. Pablo says:


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