Rolling in the Deep… Web (Part 3)

Beyond the surface web (Levels 0-2), from Level 3 and on is what is officially known as the Deep Web.  For what is found in these levels is comparable to what can be found in a black market and other dark areas in the real world.


The levels are as follows:

Level 3 – Deep Web

The first part of this level has to be accessed with a proxy. It contains CP, gore, hacking websites… Here begins the Deep Web. The second part of this level is only accessible through Tor, and contains more sensible information.

Level 4 – Charter Web

This level is also divided in two parts. The first can be accessed through Tor. Things such as drug and human traficking, banned movies and books and black markets exist there. The second part can be accessed through a hardware modification: a “Closed Shell System”. Here, shit becomes serious. This part of the Charter Web contains hardcore CP, experimental hardware information (“Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processors”…), but also darker information, such as the “Law of 13”, World War 2 experiments, and even the location of Atlantis.

Level 5 – Marianas Web

To gain access to this part of the Deep Web, a special hardware is necessary: some argue that you need an old computer and OS, or solve quantum computation mechanics. According to the picture, a “Polymeric Falcighol Derivation” is needed. Beyond the Charter Web exists 80% of the Internet. What the Marianas Web contains is unknown. It is rumored to contain government databases and secret information on several conspiration theories, paranormal events and secret experiments (Hollow Earth, secret societies…). This is very unlikely and has yet to be proven by someone who really gained access to this part of the Internet.


The things that can be found on the Deep Web conisist of and is not limited too; drug dealers, munitions, hit men, death matches, prostitution, illegal media downloads, child pornography, gore, guides on how to do illegal things, and information on events that governments have covered up.

The buying and selling of services and goods on the Deep Web is beneficial to both the buyer’s and seller’s of these goods and or services is that they do not make physical contact with each other and they stay anonymous to each other, other than the fact that they know that buyer wants something from the seller.  This is a good thing because in the case one gets caught by a policing agency he/she cannot implicate the other person.

But how does a person buy and sell anonymously through out the web?  Credit cards can be tracked, and the same could be said about large money transactions.  The answer to this dilemma was the usage of Bit Coins. To understand what a BitCoin is this video from the creators explains it quite nicely.

If you choose to not watch the video the reason as to why the people who inhabit the deep web is because transactions done with BitCoins are supposedly anonymous.  Although not completely anonymous due to the fact that each bit coin transaction has an its own IP address that is unique to each transaction, and if the people know the person they are dealing with and if the buyer does not change their transaction address the bit coin transactions can be traced.  To counter act this people have begun to either change their IP address after each transaction or have started to use TOR which will be explained later, but what TOR is in short is a more complex version of a proxy going through multiple networks and computers and using them to send requests so they cannot be traced back to the buyer/ person requesting the service or good.

But this is not where the Deep Web ends.  In fact it is said that there are 3 more levels that although there is little proof that they exist people say that it does exist, and they will be explained in Part 4 which is here.


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7 comments on “Rolling in the Deep… Web (Part 3)
  1. anon says:

    heey i have been searching for deepweb stuf cause i have been realy interested in this for some reasone
    i got as far as hidden wiki and its links
    but now i dont know what is ment with :
    The second part can be accessed through a hardware modification: a “Closed Shell System”.

    i was wonderring do you have anny sources that explain what exactly i should modicicate

  2. The perverse.evil and demonic Illuminati is past their power…soon the people will rise up and defeat these pariahs through faith and as God’s warriors. We do not fear finite death..only infinite death. W hen loses fear of mortality and pledges martyrdom as an integral good, trhen what does one have to fear? Nothing!! God and goodness is far more powerful than evil, greed, hubris and immorality. May they all rot in eternal hell,and they will in due time.

    • Thomas says:

      Oh shut your over religious crap. Nobody wants to hear your bullshit rants and raves about god and the holy ghost and jesus (God having caused more destruction and death on the planet than all the millions of years man has been around). The people reading this are just looking for information, which has never hurt anyone, but I guess someone that’s fucking stupid enough to purposely dumb themselves down in the name of a “god” wouldn’t fucking know that now would they? Yeah get off the internet you fucking jackass

  3. ‘Sorry edit: ‘When ONE loses…’then not trhen’ …good grief how embarrassing….again very sorry!!

  4. why did I read this? says:

    if you wanna read about conspiracy theories you don’t need to crawl the deep net… with all those supposed levels you go on about, it sounds to me as if you were trying to create an air of mystery. and wth is a “Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processor” and “Polymeric Falcighol Derivation”? … I bet you’re a star wars fan. what a load of bull.

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