Rolling in the Deep… Web (Part 1)

The internet has become a place where anything can be found, all a person has to do is look.  But for certain taboo items and services one must go deeper in the web hence the title of this area of the Internet called “Deep Web”.

Also known as the “Dark Web” and “The New Underground” Deep Web has taken elements of reality and placed them in the web where like in real life they are close to impossible to find unless you have the right tools and know where to look.  Comparable to William Gibson’s representation of the internet being a ghetto the real World Wide Web is comparable to a virtual black market where almost anything can be bought, sold or trade.  Examples of such things, that even though can be sometimes found on the “surface net” as will be explained later it is said that the real players for illicit things that cannot be distributed or talked about on the surface web.

But one does not simply Google “Deep Web” and hope to see the dark contents that it contains to pop up, rather all of these sites are hidden and non indexed by sites like Google and Yahoo which makes them unsearchable . The user must have a add-on for Firefox which will be explained later to access.  Also these websites do not have a “.com”, .net”, .org”, and most not a “.gov” extension but a special one called “.onion” that can only be accessed with the special add-on. More info on “.onion” can be found here

How big is the Deep Web though? Well here is an example think of it like an Iceberg.  With the regular normal internet you see everyday as only the tip of it with the Deep Web being beneath the water and immense in size.

The people that populate this region of the net come from all parts of the spectrum from the FBI and Criminal Syndicates and hacktivists and scientists.  Of course they all traverse the Deep Web with great care and under anonymity sticking to their own layers and sections of the Deep Web and using the information down there for their own interests.  As should anyone who decides to delve into the Deep Web.

The Deep Web has been split up into nine different levels. Although the danger levels are the same,the type of danger changes the deeper you go. The danger goes from legal trouble with copy right laws and illegal distribution of media to the endangerment of your personal being whether it be your life of Identity.  In Part 2 which can be found here, I will go over the different levels of the Deep Web and what can be found in the first six and what is speculated to be found the the last three in each level.

Part 2 is coming soon…


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One comment on “Rolling in the Deep… Web (Part 1)
  1. A.A. says:

    Hey dude! Your web-site is amazing!, specialy this article, I usualy go to 9gag or some other website as a fourm of entertainment, but as I found this article in my quest for knowledge about deep internet levels, I got more intrested in the topic. And yes, I am an ammature specialy in this field, and I think some guide would be necessairy, so I hope you don’t turn me down, and help me explore the internet saftely, as well as I can see from the way you right your articles, that you are a positive person who help others through every mean possible.

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