Good Grief…

In class today we talked about how online communities protested how certain things were done in the games they played.  Events that were brought up where protests against Anshe Chung and the funeral raid by “Serenity Now”.  Online protesting such as this is called “Griefing” which according to online sources means:

“To cause grief amongst other players or player in an online community”.

In the cases of Anshe Chung the griefing was done towards her.  When the “Griefers” protested Anshe Chung it was because they did not approve of what she was doing, which was the creation of “living units” in the online game Second Life” and selling these crude creations to other players for real money.  Other players did not agree to this practice and thus created code that harassed Anshe’s character in the game whenever she did things like meetings or even walked around.

Here is the “Griefing”:

While in the case of “Serenity Now”, They were the cause of the griefing themselves.  What happened in this instance is that a guild announced on the World of Warcraft forums (that was the game where this took place) that they were going to have a gathering/ funeral for one of their guild members that had died in real life and were inviting people to come join them in mourning the loss of their guild member and friend.

Here is the Serenity Now raid:

The catch to this is that the location of the place where the funeral was to be held was in contested territory where the rules were that anything goes and PvP (player versus player) could be engaged with out warning, and that is what the guild “Serenity Now” did.  They killed everyone’s character that was in attendance of the funeral and then gloated about it online.

So were these events okay?  In both cases there are people who have said online that they were both good and others who said they were bad.  In the case of Anshe Chung I myself believe that it was uncalled for, because the griefer’s were probably just jealous that they themselves did not think of the idea themselves and were angry that Anshe was actually making money from doing so simple.  I myself would have done nothing, just thinking to myself that doing such a thing to Anshe just because she thought of something clever and made a lot of money off of it.  On the other hand, the funeral raid was ethically not right.  I know that it is a computer game, but would you raid a funeral in real life?  I found it disgusting that people would actually do such a thing to be honest.  I myself am not a religious person, but the people holding the funeral were doing that because it was there way of saying goodbye to a friend, even though they had not met in real life spent many hours together doing things together.  But my mind is at ease because of the backlash against that guild which ultimately lead to their disbanding and placing them in a dark corner of the bad history of the World of Warcraft.


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