A whole new World

When I hear people talk about games such as Guild Wars, Second Life and of course World of Warcraft I hear many a negative thought.  But of course this is because these are the people who do not actually play the video game and have just heard what negative effects it can have both physically and mentally on a person should they choose to play it.

Take this video for example: (Warning: Harsh Language)

What used to the ongoing trend for people who played these video games  is that they were forever alone losers with not lives and what not.  While this was true for some cases (such as mine) it was not true for all.  I know many people who played this game and had healthy social lives, were not obese and got chicks at will.  But it was just the way the game was portrayed by the media (example: South Park “Make Love not Warcraft”) it made people think of such games negatively and of course that is not true

Take this girl for example: (Warning: may make you bored of this post)

These people of course have not actually played the game themselves and do not understand the intricacies that games like this possess and why it has these “negative” effects on a person.  The reason why I put quotations around the word negative is because even though some people may seem the think that what the games are doing is a bad thing, most of the time the people actually playing the game don’t think that way.  Of course every persons reason as to why they play is different.  Some wanted something different, others wanted a game that they could play for a long time, and then there were people like me who just wanted an escape from reality.

Why would someone want to escape for real life though?  The answer is simple, it is because they do not like their lives.  In these online games you can create your own character, start afresh and do many things that you could not do because there were either people who already did them, or it was too difficult to do.  In the most extreme cases it is because the people really did want a new life and the only way they could do it was through the game.   And in a way like the movie inception the game becomes more of a real life than their actual real life.  It is sad, but true because no one likes the fat nerd with acne all over his face, hes only good for getting homework answers from and making yourself feel better.  And games like World of Warcraft do that.  With a group of people who have similar ideals to your self it is extremely satisfying to completing dungeons and what not together and reaching your goals.

This Video for Example: One of the many events in WoW that the developers created that was just awesome.

In a sense the game is just like real life where a player is placed into an environment where they work with others to finish quests which in the real world would equate to jobs which they get money for.  there is stress, anger, sadness and many other emotions are experienced in the this, whether you want to believe it or not the amount of work that had to be put into the game to get any good items, titles or to even finish some of the dungeons was like a full time job.  I will not go into it but I myself have lived such moments and back then I felt that every moment was worth it.  Now that I am free from that alternate reality however I do not regret my time playing the game.  It was an enlightening experience no matter how embarrassing it is to talk about, and even though I tell my friends I wouldn’t, I would play it again but I would do other things in my past differently.


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