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Sampling is one of the recent trend to hit the scene whther it is to create websites, videos and other types of music.  What sampling does is take parts of things and make something entirely new with it that you can call your own in a sense.  In class this Rick Perry ad was shown, and it was so awesome that if I was not already fixated on voting for Ron Paul I would totally vote for him.

The start of sampling came from hip hop where they would sample sounds create beats and put them in their songs which in turn created a new movement.  Music sampling consists of taking a sound of an instrument, voice, or beat and use it as a sound for a piece of your own.  The general idea behind sampling music is taking a sound from a giant data base or library of sounds like I said before that can consist of and instrument, voice’s and beats.  Putting together a collective of sounds that can be used by anyone whenever they want as long as they follow proper requirements by law is a system that has been implemented by many people who in turn produce music for all.

Music is the best outlet for this because it is where it all began.  Take the following music video for example:

Every song that was used in that video was made in the 80’s to the 90’s.  The beats were solid and the techniques are what we would call now days basic.  Now take this other video that I found floating around tumblr.

It has a totally different vibe to it mashing dubstep, trance, electro and hip hop together to form something that I consider to be pretty freaking awesome.

From my point of view I think that sampling and remixing things in its own way is creating a new type of art and it was what we see on an everyday basis.  This new art is not something to wow the masses like what Michelangelo or Picasso , rather it is what can get a person’s attention and keep it there, it is the new “in” thing, it is basically what is publicly accepted as awesome.



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