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The Panopticon and Inception what are they and what do they have in common?  A Panopticon is a type of building designed by philosopher  Jeremy Bentham the idea was to allow an observer to observe all inmates of an institution without them being able to tell whether or not they are being watched.  So to break it down more, the Panopticon was a building where the observer would be in the center usually in a pillar like building and the inmates would be all around surrounding the observer.

Ex: Panopticon

The kicker to this was that while the observer could fully observe the inmates, the inmates themselves could not view the observer and could not hide what they could do, so that left an idea in their mind that the observer was always there and that they (the prisoners) had to be on their best behavior or else the observer/guard would see and punish them.

This is where the idea of Inception comes in.  The idea of Inception was brilliantly produced in the self titled 2010 film “Inception” directed by Christopher Nolan.  Inception is the act of delving into a persons dream’s deep enough so that the “planter”would be able to place an idea in that person’s head that they will believe and act upon when they wake up, and when a person believes in something so strongly the only person who can stop them from believing in such an idea is themselves, but most times when a person believes so strongly in something it is near impossible to divert them from that idea.

What can an Idea do?

The Panopticon and Inception are generally the same idea, even though done in different settings they accomplish the same thing if done properly.  Of course Inception is clearly more difficult, but if accomplish reaches the same end point as the Panopticon and that is planting an idea in a person’s head.



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