Art Through the Ages

Art can be considered to be one of many things, but I think that put it best when it said that “Art is form and content”. Form as in the general design and what was used to make it and Content as in what the artist meant and did end up portraying.

The term art itself is not limited to pictures and sculptures in “art” museums. Rather art is any kind of expression that uses human creative skill and the imagination. Such works are appreciated for the hard work that was placed into creating it and the emotion that it makes people feel.. That makes it a rather broad range of things which could include and is not limited too, dance, a movie, a play and if I were to go so far into it, a computer game.

But looking back into the past I don’t know any famous collaborations just famous artists.  The question was raised in class that considered this.  Can art still be art if a large number of people work on it?  In my opinion I think that it indeed can.  My reasoning for this is because in the past the technology that they had wasn’t sufficient to allow people to share their ideas properly and the ideas that people have today.  Take dance for example, break dancing to be more exact the dance itself was created during the 1980’s but the music that is danced to has evolved over the years from funk to rap to techno over the years yet the break dancing is not stuck to one type of music and no one person’s style of dance is exactly the same. Take the following video for example I know not many people may watch break boying (bboying) but it really is a sight to behold.

Could you imagine your self dancing to orchestra music? I can’t, but  the person in the video can, and so can many others.  Their interpretation won’t be the same, but it is not meant because every bboy has his/her own style that makes them there own and that is what makes them unique.  Although bboying is mostly a 1 on 1 competition there are also group shows where “crews” show off their skills in front of crowds in world wide competitions.  The following video is one such of those

Can this be considered art still? Sure it took inspiration and lots of thinking and hard work but such performances lack the emotion that a single person dancing by themselves could bring up.  But what about what is considered modern art then?  Things that many people work for hours upon like movies such as Toy Story or the Lord of the Rings.  that is art too is it not?  I guess this goes back to my “The hard life” blog post where people who commented on it said that things have turned from a physical working environment to a mental environment.


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