What am I?

What is a human? Or to be more exact what exactly makes us human? According to dictonary.com it states that :  ” Human, human may refer to that which is, or should be, characteristic of human beings.”   But what is can be constituted as the characteristics of a human being?  Keep in mind that in this blog post I will be questioning the mental attributes mostly it  is also the physical limitations that make us who we are.  In my own opinion what makes us human past the mechanized gestures and the ability to do simple thought process’s is our ability to reason. Take the following video for example:

the guy in the video does not “not” like the girl because she is deaf, rather he still thinks she is beautiful rather than thinking that she is defective.  That is what I believe is meant to be “human” and by that I mean to have the ability sort through ideas and to be able to make your own judgement.  They say that the robots of the future are going to become “mechanized humans” are they not just going to be more expensive humans?

Would there even be a need for us to reproduce anymore if robots begin to gain intelligence on par or greater than that of their creators?  No it would not, in a sense it would be just in I robot where the artificial intelligence program became so powerful that it made the decision itself that humans were a hard to themselves and needed to be cared for, just like the way we presently view dogs and cats.  Of course we do this because they need to be cared for and we do not want them to get hurt and what not. Why? Because we view them like this:

I myself do not want to see this happen in my time, but the way technology is developing presently it may or may not happen in my lifetime yet.




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