Technological Romance

What is Romance? To me romance is the act of courting a girl in order to make her fall, or to make her love you more. The way this is done in my honest opinion is by taking a girl on a “romantic” date which could be a candle light dinner, a walk on the beach at night, or maybe if the girl is down to earth enough a simple movie at home while cuddling next to each other. But what makes something romantic? I have come to the conclusion that what makes anything romantic is the amount of effort a person (the guy) puts into the “event”.

With the advancements in technology that have taken place over the past years it has dulled “romantic events”. Not so much by the meaning of the event, rather the amount of effort that has to be put into making the event happen. For example this video by Wong Fu Productions is a perfect example.

Technology Ruins Romance

When Chester’s “Joe” character is looking for Lana Mckissack’s character “Diane” he is told by his boss who is played by Kevin Wu to “run” and he does. But then Joe realizes that he has a phone and calls Diane instead and saying that it was easier and would save him the “trouble”. By saying this Joe ruins the romantic moment and makes Diane mad where she then hangs up and leaves for Paris leaving Joe forever alone.

It is just like we said in class, we want to do less work so although we have not actually created fully automated robots to do out own bidding we have created machines to make our lives easier and by making our lives easier the meaning in certain actions has been lessened.  In the case of Joe and Diane it was the action of being romantic, so as the title of the video of the video entails there is no true “Technological Romance”.


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