A fresh start… and the OSCP

Its been 5 years since I’ve used this blog… The posts previous to this was for one of my classes so you can choose to ignore them, but it provides me with some fine nostalgia about how life was for me when I was still in college….

I am going to be using the blog as a journal of sorts for my studying of the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional). My start time for it is officially today and I’ve only downloaded the course materials…

But wish me the best of luck!


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Censoring the Web

Presently the Internet is used for many things, file sharing, the exchange of news, and communication.  The internet has become pivotal in current life in first world countries and is for every day life.  The reason as to why the internet is so great though is because there are little to no laws that have been put in place that allows anyone or anything to control it.  But that will change soon.  Currently in the upper echelons of our government it is being discussed whether or not two bills, one that gives the President of America the power to “shut down” the internet and the other bill should it be passed by the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet’s DNS. The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users’ attempts to reach certain websites’ URLs. In response, third parties will woo average users to alternative servers that offer access to the entire Internet (not just the newly censored U.S. version), which will create new computer security vulnerabilities as the reliability and universality of the DNS evaporates.

This should not be allowed to happen.  The internet is one of the last places a person can express there thoughts with out the fear of being judged, share their thoughts with people from all over the world and in my opinion the best place to find information.  Should it be allowed I am sure the power would not be abused, but I do not think that going on the web will ever be the same.  People will have to watch what they post, some sites will be favored by others because they are favored by the government, and the list goes on.  But thank god the kill switch bill got rejected and many people have voiced there opinion about the censorship bill and have been messaging their senators of their states to vote against it.  So hopefully it does not come to pass because if it does, who knows what kind of place the internet will become.

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What if…?

What if the World Wide Web was shut down? Lets say for a month, what would the consequences be?  A bit of a doomsday scenario to talk about but in an effort to try understand how dependent America and other first world countries are on the internet I had a pretty in depth discussion with several of my friends about this and we all came up with the general conclusion that America would in fact be screwed.

The scenario we played out in our discussion was that for some reason, terrorist, accidental, environmental, ect, all of the DNS severs all over the world were knocked out halting internet traffic world wide.  No one knows when the connections will be fixed or even if they will come back online.  This is where the “fun” began, keep in mind we just said things that would happen, we did not speculate as to how they would be fixed or prevented.

Anyways the effects were split into the short term and the long term, with the results of the input of the short term seeming bleak while the long term rather eye opening.


-No communcation available minus government facilities that still use ARPANET

-Wide spread panic world wide (in a sense)

-National Security would be at risk

The reason as to why this list is so short is because my friends and I wondered if it would really have such a wide spread panic.  The worse thing that would probably happen is that due to the lack of communication around the world  there would be a domino effect which would lead to food shortages in regions that need food to be transported to them like Hawaii and other isolated areas.  The next problem would have to be the general public.  I know that I myself would probably got crazy after no internet for a while just because I have had it for the longest time, but that would not be a problem for a while.  Then finally the problem that a person see’s in every movie and that would have to be a threat to national security.  whether it be another country or some terrorist organization who knows what could happen.  In the long term the problems are one in the same, but keepin mind that the human race is known to be able to adapt to things so not everything will end up staying  negative.

This post is not meant to scare, rather it is meant to educate that presently we are slowly losing ourselves, our physical selves that we have to the digital.  People presently are becoming detached from the real and have begun to lose what it means to be “human” not having a second thought as to doing something heartless just because they have no face online and are considered anonymous it is slowly transferring into real life with people doing things without thinking of the consequences.

All in all if the internet shut down I think on a personal level it would be good, but on an international level it would be catastrophic due to economic faults and just the fact that our infrastructure relies on the internet so much.


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Occupy What?

In the news and current media there have been a the series of protests called “Occupy” movements that have been taking place in cities all across America that are so called protesting the “fact” that 1% of america holds 99% of the wealth in America.  Spawning from depths of hell aka 4chan the idea was to peacefully protest this fact in hopes of changing it by listing demands that would change the wealth distribution on America.  But things did not go as planned.  The Occupy movement was hijacked by disgruntled hipsters with liberal arts degrees, the homeless and those with nothing else to do.  Of course there are the few who actually know what they want from this protest, but the majority are just there for the ride.

The Occupy movement has the power to overturn the wealth balance that is currently present in the United States but the movement itself has lost its original voice of equality.  From a voice of justice it has now become the voice of a 8 year old little girl who is constantly spoiled by her parents.  From demands for a greater tax on the wealthy it has turned to I want this for free and I want that because I deserve it.  From a having a positive opinion of it the public has quickly disregarded the movement because of it’s lack of vision as to what it wants to do for the people.

What needs to be done is that the entire thing should be reorganized.  Of course it should start small like in one city where the Occupy movement is prominent and where the people actually have a voice.  From there that city should communicate with all other “Occupy cities” and organize it on a national scale.  Then from there the goal of equalizing the wealth should be re-established and a well though out list of demands as to what should be done should be created and by using this should everything else go as planned.  The general public should back the movement and their goals should be met.  If you have trouble imagining this try to imagine what the founders of America did, and replace that with a bunch of people with Guy Fawkes masks.  It is seriously the same concept, which is to protest monetary injustice.

Of course this is all theoretically speaking because I myself really don’t care about the movement other than the fact that I think that it is been polluted by people who really have nothing to protest about.  And until they fix that part of the movement nothing will come from it.

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The Power of the Net

The internet is a place where hundreds of terabytes of data is stored and accessed everyday.  There is no real estimate as to how much data is actually stored on the web, but the different types of data that is stored is rather astounding. From small picture files to extensive programs that harness gigabytes of data exactly how does something become known on the web?

Well there is a word for becoming famous through the web, and that term is called going “viral”.  By going viral a the file, usually a video or a picture gets spread like a “virus” from person to person until millions of people have seen it.   Presently there have been many videos that have gone viral one of the most prominent being Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”.  I myself saw this video when it had a mere 20,000 views on youtube.  But before I knew it the video had a million views, then ten million. I stopped paying attention to it, then one of my friends posted on Facebook that it had topped a hundred million views on youtube and was had more views that some of the videos on youtube that had been on the site for years.

Original (re uploaded)

But the thing is that the song was not even good.  So why would people want to watch it?  Well some watched it to see what the hype was all about (me), others watched it just to watch it, and then most of the people who watched it just watched it so they could bash it for how bad the video and song actually was.  Who said going viral was a only a good thing right?  Youtube has a rating system that has two options, thumbs up for good and thumbs down for bad.  People hated the video so much that in the short time that the original video was up it beat out the previous most hated song which was Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.  In fact “Friday” got taken down from the site and was just re-uploaded two months ago due to the public’s reaction.

But did Rebecca Black get hurt from all this hate?  Other than her feelings, she came out the victor.  You see Youtube pays those with videos with 1 Million views or more and even more money to those who are consistent.  So with the 100 Million views that her video made, even with the company who produced it’s cut she was still balling.  Also because of her “infamy” shes been interviewed by news stations, her song has even been downloaded millions of times off of iTunes, there have been spin off’s of her song, and she has even landed a record deal.  Rebecca Black turned from a normal girl to a media sensation over night thanks to media sites like youtube, facebook and tumblr making it so there is not questioning the power of the web.


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A centralized system…

Facebook.  As we all know it on the surface it is a social media site that allows us to keep in touch with our peers that we know and it allows us to meet new people.  But is it really that?  Under the guise of making new friends and keeping in touch with the old on Facebook also allows people to play games, state their interests, where they live and went to high school, and even where they work and have worked in the past.

People willingly put all this information out on the web without a second thought.  But little do they know that everything that they input into their profile and what not is being kept in the server’s of Facebook itself.  And of course why would Facebook do that? First off it costs little to nothing to do for them, and also a theory that was spoken of in class stated that in the case that the government wanted to do a profile on a certain person and they had a Facebook, they would be able to contact Facebook and the website would more than likely comply to the governments demands and pull up all the information on that person, which would include and not be limited too their hobbies, likes, activities, where they work, where they went to high school, their friends (of course) and even what pages they visited the most.

A chilling thought comparable to Orwell’s novel 1984, where he explicitly stated that humans would be controlled by the government cleverly termed “Big Brother” would have no control of their actions and their lives were controlled by the government.  Whether or not the United States is become a “Big “Brother” state has yet to be seen but the way things are now with the government declaring the United States being a battle ground and all of these wars.  I feel that it will become inevitable it will be up to the people of the United States to fix this problem should it arise.

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How to Deep Web?

Now that we have a background as to what the “Deep Web” is next is the question as to where do I begin?  Although I strongly reccomend that a person not do so, just the fact that you are taking the time to read this post suggests that you will probably try anyways.

But before you continue I will STRONGLY recommend against traversing the “Deep Web”. It is not recommended for those who do not know what they are doing, or have no single destination in mind. the illicit things that are on the Deep Web have the ability to scar a person mentally and physically for life if the “right” thing is found.

But if you are hell bent on going the steps are as follows:

1. Download and install the Firefox here 

2. Then download and Install the TOR bundle for Firefox here.

  • Keep in mind that although you are “Anonymous” with the TOR browser there are still ways that people can find you so I will repeat my self that do this at your own discretion.

3. Then open the Tor Browser and happy browsing.

Keep in mind that Tor is not 100% anonymous. Along with it, multiple proxies are needed, with a firewall and Antivirus as well.  Disconnecting or put tape over your webcam is suggested as well. After your fun time in the Deep Web the deletion of your  temporary internet files and full scan of your computer and the use ccleaner is suggested as well just because one can never be too safe when surfing the web.

Why Use TOR? Other than the fact that most of the information and data on the Deep Web illegal, people can also hack into your computer and steal your identity and even sometimes delete you from exisitance.  But who would do that?  I myself would not, but after traversing places like 4chan and various other forums I have come to the reason that people will just do things for the “lulz” like stated in class there are people who do things just because they can.  They do not need a good reason that justifies their action, rather they do things just because they can.

Hence my warning, there are incredible cruel people on the web as I have found out as I have seen this happen many a time on and when I myself went on the Deep Web, what I saw are things that I do not want to describe, the only thing I will say is that a picture is worth a thousand words…


Alternative theories

Other concepts and theories exist about the Deep Web. One of them is called the White Room. It was first mentioned on the diagram below, and apparently has something to do with another concept called the “Death Zone”.

Not sure if any of these are real, or if the last three levels on the deep web itself is reality but who knows what is out there on the web.


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